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Our GOAL: To play our best game, to win, and to improve.
Our PURPOSE: To Respect Ourselves, Others, and Our Environment – to be risk-takers, communicators, principled, reflective, knowledgeable, balanced and caring.  Our purpose is to engage students in school, to connect them to a team and a coach, and improve the character of our athletes.



Athletic Registration

Registration begins for all athletic seasons July 1st. You no longer need to wait for each season to register. Registration will close at the start of each sports season.

After registration you will also need to complete SchoolPay

Physicals are good for 1 calendar year. Please have this Physical form signed by a Physician. 

Free and Reduced Fee Waiver linkThis is a 3 step process that takes time. Please plan accordingly.


Pirate Families,

We are excited to announce summer opportunities for current 6th and 7th graders - 8th grade students will need to connect with their high schools and begin the exciting transition  to the next level of their athletic experience. 

CLPMS Summer Athletic Programs: 

Volleyball: June 13-16, 9-11am

Boys Basketball: June 9, 10, 13, 14, 11-1pm

Girls Basketball: June 7-10, 3-4:30pm

Tennis: June 13-16, 8-10am

Football: August 8th into the season


Sport Seasons:


              Football - Practices 3-5 M-F unless otherwise communicated.

              Volleyball - Practices 3-5 M-F unless otherwise communicated.

              Tennis - Practices 3-5 M-F unless otherwise communicated.

              Cross Country - Practices 3-5 M-F unless otherwise communicated.


              Boys Basketball - Practices 3-5 M-F unless otherwise communicated.

              Girls - Basketball - Practices 3-5 M-F unless otherwise communicated.

              Wrestling - Practices 3-5 M-F unless otherwise communicated.


              Unified Basketball - Practices 3-5 M-F unless otherwise communicated.

              Softball - Practices 3-5 M-F unless otherwise communicated.

              Track - Practices 3-5 M-F unless otherwise communicated.


District Sports Update:

The Poudre School District Athletic Department is excited to announce changes to Middle School athletic programming beginning in the fall of 2022.   


  •  6th graders will now have opportunities to compete in all individual sports.  This includes cross country, golf, track, as well as the additions of tennis and wrestling.   
  • Football, Basketball, and Volleyball will be moving to a mixed-grade Varsity/JV/C-team model as opposed to 7th and 8th grade teams (as currently constructed).  Softball, and all individual sports referenced above are currently operating under the Varsity/JV/C-team model.


  • Increased number of athletic opportunities for 6th grade students. 
  • Allows athletes to compete and receive instruction at the appropriate level, regardless of grade. 
  • Provides flexibility for those schools with extremely high/low participation numbers.
  • Creates one consistent competitive model across all sports within the PSD Middle School Athletic League. 
  • Sub-Varsity competition opportunities will be increased.
  • Total program roster size will be increased in basketball and volleyball.


Thank you, 

Matt Ellis - Assistant Principal, Athletic Director 

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