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IB Approaches To Learning

Through approaches to learning in IB programmes, students develop skills that have relevance across the curriculum that help them “learn how to learn”

  • IB programmes identify five ATL skill categories, expanded into developmentally-appropriate skill
  • ATL are not formally assessed in the MYP
  • All teachers in MYP schools are responsible for integrating and explicitly teaching ATL skills
  • The most effective way to develop approaches to learning is through ongoing, process-focused
    disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching and learning
  • A concept-driven curriculum that uses ATL skills effectively enables all students to become
    stronger, more self-regulated learners
  • The MYP extends IB ATL skills categories into ten developmentally-appropriate clusters. The Five Areas of Interaction

Approaches to Learning

  • Communication
  • Social
  • Self management
  • Research
  • Thinking

Our Work Habits Rubric is based on Approaches to Learning.