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Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Finalist

This year’s Spelling Bee was a huge success and we were so happy to be able to host this competition once again! We had 13 finalists qualify to compete to determine this year’s Champion. The 13 finalists were Seleen Burgos, Marlon Burgos, Brooklyn Wilkes, Eli Golly, Clementine Ulle, Charlotte Baker, Mayley Miller, Jack Reichert, Allison Brown, Sophia Buss, Killian Warner, Judah Noland, and Cooper Domanik. All of these students worked extremely hard and did a phenomenal job in the competition. The winner of this year’s Spelling Bee was Seleen Burgos! Seleen went on to compete for our school at the District Spelling Bee. She did a great job and represented CLPMS wonderfully! Seleen was one of only 5 students in the district to spell every word correctly and qualified for the State Spelling Bee in March! Thank you so much to all the families and students who supported the Spelling Bee this year. We look forward to next year’s competition!

Spelling Bee Winner