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CLP Captains

The CLP Captains Award is an award almost as old as CLP itself. Created in 1964, it was previously called the Mr. and Ms. CLP Award, and has been presented for over fifty years. This award is given to two 8th grade students at the end of the school year. The winners of the CLP Captains Awards are chosen by the entire staff of CLP.

Quite simply, the CLP Captains are who the staff believes best represent the ideals, values and spirit of our school.

Criteria for this award is as follows:

Over their time at CLP, they must:

1) Show academic excellence.

2) Demonstrate good citizenship.

3) Be willing to help others.

4) Be involved in extracurricular activities.

2022-2023 Recipients
Maggie Foster and Tyson Schneider
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