Support CLPMS


We welcome donations! Some of the items we use the most are:

  • reams of paper
  • tissues
  • lined paper
  • pencils
  • any other school or office supplies.

Also, please watch for the beginning of our magazine sale. We also collect Box Tops for Education and Morning Fresh Dairy milk bottle tops. 


Fundraising has been a continued effort that we try hard to make successful.  I have heard parents remark that they either do not have time to help their kids sell or that they feel pressured to ask relatives and friends to make a purchase.  I completely agree and understand however the only way we can avoid this is for each family to contribute a monetary donation to the school.  If each family donated $40 we would not have to do any fundraising.  If it is within your family's budget to contribute please bring your donation into the office.  Make checks payable to CLPMS.