Learner Profile Awards


Learner Profile

 The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet help to create a better and more peaceful world.  The IB learner profile is the IB mission statement translated into a set of learning outcomes for the 21st century. The ten IB Learner Profiles are Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principles, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced and Reflective.

Each month, teachers working in their grade-level teams nominate two students from each grade who demonstrates the qualities of the monthly Learner Profile focus.

For April 2017, the Learner Profile was Balanced. Balanced individuals recognize the importance of caring for themselves, balancing their physical, emotional, and intellectual self (all parts of themselves!) The staff recognized the following students for the Learner Profile: Balanced – Rehna Anliker, Sammy Fisher, Douglas Gill, Raelynn Marshall, Shawn Turner, Dennis White.

For May 2017, the Learner Profile is Reflective. These individuals think carefully about how they learn through difference experiences. By being able to recognize their strengths and limitations they can set goals for further learning and developing. The staff recognized the following students for the Learner Profile: Reflective – Makabe Aberle, Kolby Armon, Jennifer Huerta, Annika Starkweather, Liam Wood, Mia Zebell Reflecti