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Pirate Tutorial

CLPMS Pirate Tutorial Release Form
Pirate Tutorial is a service provided by CLPMS for students to stay after school to study, practice
instruments, or make up missing work/assessments. It is held Monday-Thursday, 3:00-5:00pm in
the Media Center, and is supervised by a CLP staff member. Our goal is to begin on Monday,
September 14th and end on May 6th. Once this is set, we will communicate to all who have signed
up to attend. There may be days throughout the year that PT will be cancelled. Please make sure
your student listens to announcements and communicates with you as needed.

This service is unique to CLPMS and we provide it because we know transportation to and from
Laporte is complicated with how far our families live. We pay staff to run PT out of school
funds. If you plan to have your child attend often, please consider donating up to $200 to assist.
This can be done with a check or in School Pay.

Students who attend PT are expected to comply with directives, follow school rules, report
directly to PT after school, and leave when indicated on the Release Form. Any student who
reports after 3:00pm and/or who does not follow the rules will lose the privilege to attend PT.
Student attendance is on the honor system between the parent and child. Parents wanting to
check attendance will need to email Ms. Mahaney at dmahaney@psdschools.org to inquire.

Students are not allowed to leave PT at any other time except the time you indicate on the
Release Form below. For early check out you will need to call the Media Center at 488-7409.
Due to safety concerns your child will not be released if you call or text their cell phone.

Please note that there will be days PT is held in a classroom due to meetings being held in the
library. If you do not reach someone at 488-7409, call 488-7437.


Please select a release time option, sign the form, and return the form to the Main Office. Release
statements are kept for the school year. If circumstances change, please submit a new Release
Form (found on the CLPMS web site). Additional Release Forms are available in the Front
Office and at Pirate Tutorial.
Please see PT rules below.



Pirate Tutorial Rules

The purpose of Pirate Tutorial is to promote student learning and success by providing a
productive time and place for students to work after school.
• Pirate Tutorial is for any student who would like to stay after school to complete work.
• Pirate Tutorial Release forms can be obtained from the Front Office and on the CLPMS
Web Site.
• Daily attendance will be tracked. Students utilizing Pirate Tutorial will be required to
sign in by 3:00pm.
• Once signed in, students must remain in Pirate Tutorial until the release time indicated on
their release form.
• Students are expected to follow specific rules set for Pirate Tutorial.
• CLPMS rules from the Parent/Student handbook will be in effect during Pirate Tutorial.
• CLPMS will dismiss any student for any length of time for failure to comply with these
• ***Students may take the activity bus at 5:10 (one bus travels East to Tavelli Elementary
with several other drop-off points, and one bus travels West up to Livermore Elementary
and may stop at other points along the route, if needed). You may call 488-7400 for
specific drop-off information.

(We are still working on the Activity Buses. We will communicate when this is an option.)


Pirate Tutorial Release Form
4:00 Release Time
My child, _______________________, has my permission to leave Pirate Tutorial at 4:00.
(please print)
• Please indicate how your child is getting home:
___ I will pick up my child.
___ My child will walk home. (My child may walk home prior to 4:00 if work is
completed; yes___no___)
________________________                 _________________________________________

Print Parent’s Name                                                  Parent’s Signature/Date
Parent’s Contact Numbers________________________________________________________
My child may leave with the following adults: ________________________________________
5:00 Release Time
My child, ________________________, will attend Pirate Tutorial until 5:00.
(please print)
• Please indicate how your child is getting home:
___ I will pick up my child.
___ My child will walk home. (My child may walk home prior to 5:00 if work is
completed; yes___no___)
___ My child will take the activity bus home. (This is not yet an option. Please mark if
you plan to use it when it is available.)
________________________ ______________________________________
Print Parent’s Name Parent’s Signature/Date
Parent’s Contact Numbers: _______________________________________________________
My child may leave with the following adults: ________________________________________CLPMS Pirate Tutorial Release Form