VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools)


There are many volunteer opportunities coming up this year: You are an extremely important part of CLP Middle School and we hope you feel encouraged to get involved at the school.

To be a volunteer in PSD, all you need to do is this quick sign up process. Click here to sign up.  PSD Volunteers

Click this link to register and see the volunteer opportunities at CLPMS.  CLP Volunteer Form.   Please note that you need to fill both forms out to volunteer.

There will be sign-up sheets at the Back-to-School Night for each of these registrations. We will also have a computer available for parents who may not have access to signing up electronically.

As always, we appreciate all of the time and energy that parents and community members put into our school. Please contact Anne Kirven at 488-7401 ( if you have any questions or any suggestions for other volunteer opportunities at CLPMS.