Fees and SchoolPay

Fees (Athletic/Classroom/Lunch)

Laptop Fee

$50 for all 6th grade students and 7th and 8th grade students new to the district


$105 per sport for 6th to 8th graders (no family maximum), $157 per sport for Home-Based, Charter and Private School Students

Fees must be paid prior to the first day of practice.  Current physical required.

Class Fees per semester

  • $15     Architecture and Building
  • $15     Robotics Engineering
  • $15     Woodworking
  • $10     Pottery & Sculpture
  • $5*     Art 1& Art 2
  • $2      6th Grade Art

*suggested donation

Extracurricular Programs

  • $10      CLP Rocks Guitar Club (not subject to waiver)
  • $25      First Lego League Club
  • $25*     Science Olympiad

*suggested donation

Meal Prices                                   Full Price                                 Free/Reduced Price

                   Breakfast                     $1.45                                      No Charge

                   Lunch                          $3.00                                      No Charge

Pay Student Fees/Charges Online or In Person  https://www.psdschools.org/student-fees-and-charges

1. Online:
PSD offers an easy and secure way to make payments to your child’s school on-line with a credit/debit card for fees and other charges as well as your child’s meal account through the District’s payment portal, SchoolPay.* Visit the Pay Fees/Charges Online web page for information and instructions on paying fees and other charges online or go directly to the SchoolPay website (links below).

2. In person at your child's school, paying with cash, check or credit/debit card*

* For food service transactions, a $1 transaction fee is applied to partially offset the credit card processing fee. For other payments made by credit or debit card, there is a convenience fee of 3.35%. The convenience fee applies to all credit/debit card transactions made on-line or at the school.

Qualifying Students May Apply to Have Fees/Charges Waived

Note: You must submit the waiver form each school year to have fees and charges waived for that school year.

To have eligible fees/charges waived, you must:
1.    Be approved to receive free or reduced-priced meals for the current school year. See federal income and eligibility requirements and apply online on the Free and Reduced Lunch web page.

2.    Complete the Permission to Share Information for Fee/Charge Waivers form for the current school year, which gives PSD’s Child Nutrition Department permission to share your child’s eligibility status with other district officials. These officials must also maintain confidentiality of your child’s eligibility status.

You may complete the Permission to Share form at your child's school or by accessing your child’s account on-line via ParentVue. Contact your child’s school if you need assistance or need a new activation code to access the account.

After you submit the form and your child is approved, SchoolPay will automatically update fees/charges that are eligible for a waiver, displaying as $0.00 balance due once you proceed to checkout in SchoolPay. You still need to follow through with the checkout process in SchoolPay for your child to receive the item(s) or to participate in the activity.

This form must be submitted each school year to have fees and charges waived for that school year.

Your child’s eligibility for free or reduced-price meals will not be affected if you choose not to submit the Permission to Share form. 

Useful Links:

SchoolPay  https://psdschools.schoolpay.com/

How to Set up a SchoolPay account/pay fees  https://www.psdschools.org/schoolpay

Free/Reduced Meal Benefits https://www.psdschools.org/programs-services/school-meals/free-and-reduced-meals

Permission to Share Form (for those who qualify for the free/reduced meal benefit and opt to waive fees associated with sports and classroom activities. This form can be found in ParentVue)  https://pvue.psdschools.org/