Pirate Tutorial

Pirate Tutorial 2016-17

Please note – The telephone # for Pirate Tutorial is 488-7414. 

The purpose of Pirate Tutorial is to promote student learning and success by providing a productive time and place for students to work after school.

Pirate Tutorial is for any student who would like to stay after school to study.
Pirate Tutorial begins September 6th, and is held in the Poudre Lab. A certified teacher is always present.
Pirate Tutorial will be offered from 2:30pm to 4:30pm, Monday through Thursday, throughout the school year.

There will be some exceptions, usually surrounding school holidays. These exceptions will be posted on the announcements.

Pirate Tutorial Release forms can be obtained from the Front Office and on the CLPMS Web Site.
Daily attendance will be tracked. Students utilizing Pirate Tutorial will be required to sign in by 2:30pm.
Once signed in, students must remain in Pirate Tutorial until 4:30pm.  Exceptions to this rule will be made if:

the parent comes to the Poudre Lab to personally sign out their student, calls the Poudre Lab, 488-7414 (student will be sent to the front of the building), or has submitted a signed release statement. If the student has an elementary bus pass from the office, they will be allowed to leave at 3:30pm. They may not leave Pirate Tutorial to obtain this pass. They must get the elementary bus pass prior to coming to Pirate Tutorial.

Students may take the elementary bus home at 3:40 (with an elementary bus pass) or they may take the activity bus at 4:45 (one bus travels East to Taveli Elementary with several other drop-off points, and one bus travels West up to Livermore Elementary, and may stop at other points along the route, if needed. You may call 488-7400 for specific drop-off information.

All students must be responsible for bringing all their homework every day.

CLPMS rules from the Parent/Student handbook will be in effect during Pirate Tutorial.

CLPMS reserves the right to dismiss any student for any length of time for failure to comply with these rules.

**Please note that on the following dates Pirate Tutorial will be held in the North Fork Lab. Please call 488-7416 if your child needs to be checked out early.

Dates: 12/21, 1/18, 2/15, 4/19, 5/17

Pirate Tutorial Permission Slip