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Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented Program

Delhia Mahaney - Gifted and Talented Coordinator

dmahaney@psdschools.org (970) 488-7410

Click this link to see all pertinent information for 2020-2021. (Adapted to meet this year's unique circumstances.)

Gifted and Talented

Program: This is the programming offered during a typical school year.

  • Enrichment opportunities through field trips with pre-field trip and post-field trip activities and reflections
  • Meeting with students and families to create each Advanced Learning Plan (ALP)

I will meet individually with all 6th grade students and families to create goals (I will be sending an e-mail with information for how to sign up for a meeting time)

Meetings with 7th/8th grade families will be held by request, otherwise I will meet individually with the student and send information home.

  • Create an academic goal and an affective goal I will meet with students individually and in small groups throughout the school year

6th Graders: Monthly

7th Graders: Every 6 weeks

8th Graders: Quarterly

Alignment to IB:

  • ALP Goals will be tied to IB Learner Profiles and Approaches to Learning (AtL) skills. These align nicely with the specific standards and skills the students will be choosing from for their specific ALP goal(s):

Colorado Department of Education’s Academic and Comprehensive Standards

Standards of Mathematical Practice Standards of Mathematical Practice

21st Century Skills. 

Learner Profiles

Information about Academic and Affective Standards:

The two links below will direct you to Colorado’s grade level specific standards for each subject area, as well as the Standards of Mathematical Practice. All ALP goals will be linked to the standards that correspond to each child’s area of identification. If a student is in an advanced or honors level class, the academic standards used may not correspond to the student’s grade level placement.



The link below will direct you to Colorado’s Comprehensive Health Standards, which will be used to create affective goals.


21st Century Skills: 21st Century Skills are important skills for each student to have in order to thrive in society as a student and as an adult in the future. 


Measures of Success:

  • Students will complete performance rubrics based on their area of identification.
  • They will self-assess as well as receive a score from myself (GT Coordinator) and/or their classroom teacher.
  • Throughout the year we will use assessment scores and grades to reflect on the student’s progress.
  • Students will reflect on any field trips or other experiences by addressing specific questions related to any IB components and their area(s) of identification related to the experience.

Passion Projects and Needs Based Affective Goal:

While many students will take part in the field trips and specific goals based off topics and activities done in their classrooms, students always have the option to choose an academic goal based on a passion they have. If they have an idea they would like to explore, I will work with them to figure out the steps needed to take to complete their goal.

If a student has a specific need in terms of their affective goal, such as organization, social skills, or self-management, I will work with them on creating the best affective goal for them to improve in their particular area of need.